Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Statewide Law Enforcement Access to "Real Time" CDCR Parolee Data Now Available

Working with local law enforcement, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) today launched version 2.0 of its online parolee database that provides police and sheriff’s deputies faster and more thorough access to offender information, including photos and criminal background.

The enhanced tool, called the Parole Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS 2.0), was developed in partnership by the CDCR Division of Adult Parole Operations and Enterprise Information Services, and features a number of improvements including easier navigation, similar to an e-commerce website.

Like an e-commerce website, LEADS 2.0 has the ability to dig deep into a real time database and perform search functions that allows law enforcement agencies to validate the identity of individuals they have stopped, using specifics like a tattoo, physical descriptors, and other information. Additionally, all Non-Revocable Parole information is stored and disseminated to our law enforcement partners on this site as well.

It provides instant information including photos on more than 109,000 active parolees, is accessible via desktop, or a patrol vehicle, and is expected to be available on mobile devices like smart phones. The database also keeps records on inmates in pre-parole programs, as well as parolees who are at-large, have had revoked parole, have been deported and are in Non Revocable Parole (NRP), for a total of 207,000 records.

While earlier versions of the LEADS system have been in use since the late 1990s, this version is vastly superior and is designed to allow law enforcement to quickly find specific parolee information and can accommodate several thousand concurrent users checking out tips on individuals or run a background check of someone an officer believes may be a parolee.

The information in the LEADS 2.0 system is updated every 15 minutes, and has search functions that allow partner law enforcement agencies to find real time information on the status of a parolee they have made contact with, including Non Revocable Parole (NRP) status, PC 290 registration (including any field notes on an individual), and potentially any available victim contact information.

For more information on CDCR Parole and the LEADS policies go to:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Work Force Analysis for Proposed Facilities in San Joaquin County

Please see the attached link (PDF) for information on the following proposed Stockton Prison Healthcare Sites:
  • California Health Care Facility
  • DeWitt Nelson Converted Juvenile Justice Facility
  • Northern California Reentry Facility

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CDCR Breaks Ground on First AB 900 Construction Project

Awards Mental Health Facility Construction Contract to Brown Construction, Inc. of West Sacramento

CDCR broke ground June 15 on its first AB 900 construction project, a 64-bed intermediate care mental health facility at California Medical Facility (CMF) in Vacaville.

“We are very pleased to announce the construction of this mental health facility, the first of our AB 900 funded construction projects,” said CDCR Secretary Matthew Cate. “Through this important project, CDCR will be able to provide appropriate care for inmates needing intermediate care services and help satisfy court orders to provide increased mental health care to inmates.”

The new, stand alone facility will include housing, treatment, support and administrative services that will help mitigate the state’s unmet licensed mental health bed deficiencies for inmates as part of the Coleman vs. Schwarzenegger class action lawsuit.

Construction is expected to be completed in August 2011 and be fully activated by the end of 2011. Funding for the $33.7 million project was authorized with the passage of the historic AB 900 legislation, which dedicates bond funding authority for a variety of prison construction projects.CDCR awarded the CMF project to Brown Construction Inc. of West Sacramento after a competitive bidding process involving 19 construction firms. Brown Construction will be joining other participants on the project team including staff from CDCR, consultants Kitchell CEM and Nacht & Lewis Architects among other sub-consultants.

The project also includes extending the existing electrified fence to encompass the new 44,000 square foot facility and adds two guard towers and 198 parking spaces for new staff.The project is expected to obtain a Silver certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for new construction rating system pursuant to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Executive Order #S-20-04. A LEED Silver rating, which is difficult to obtain in a correctional setting, promotes occupant well-being and lessens the structure’s environmental impacts.

The CMF project is the first of many AB 900 construction projects currently being developed by CDCR. It will be staffed and operated by employees of the California Department of Mental Health and CDCR.

Construction Quick Facts:

Firm: Brown Construction Incorporated, of West Sacramento
Total Project Cost: $33,671,000
Fund Source: AB 900 (GC 15819.40/Bond Funding)
Construction timeline: June 2010 start, Aug. 2011 completion
Facility Activation: December 2011
Contract #: FAC.09014

Link to CDCR Facilities, Planning, Construction and Management Web Page:

More photos of the groundbreaking ceremony can be found on our Flickr website: